This project is COMPLETE.

Full game translation; joint with Haeleth. Last update on 06.01.05.



Titleplanetarian `the reverie of a little planet`
GenreKinetic Novel
OSWindows 98 JP/Me JP/2000/XP
MediaWeb Download
Price1,050 yen
Release Date12.06.2004
CPUPentium II 300MHz required / Pentium III 600MHz recommended
RAMWin98/ME: 48MB required / 64MB recommended
Win2000/XP: 256MB required / 512MB recommended
DirectX5.0 or above required
HDD200MB free space or more required
Screen Resolution800x600 @ 16-bit color or above
ScenarioYuichi Suzumoto


The unceasing Rain
The wsealed cityx, abandoned 30 years ago after a biochemical warhead bombardment.
The uninhabited ruins, ruled over now by autonomous combat drones.
And in their midst, a single tall building, rising like a magical tower in the darkness.

The NATIONS shall crumble;
The RAIN shall fall;
And the JUNKERS shall inherit the EARTH.


Known Issues


Core insani team

Translation, text editing, lead QC, release engineering: Seung "gp32" Park
Text editing, graphic editing, programming, QC: Ed Keyes


Lead programming, QC: Peter "Haeleth" Jolly

insani Australia

QC: Lee "Clammerz" Massi


QC: Florian "emperor" Pfaff
QC: Jeff Chang
QC: Wing On Chan


Date Comments
06.01.05 Project page updated to reflect new insani project page specification.
03.05.05 Added one known issue regarding play in Windows 98 EN.
02.28.05 RTM.
02.27.05 QC period now over. Proceeding to RC today. Anticipate RTM tomorrow.
02.23.05 Full QC now underway.
02.21.05 Translation and editing phases for retail edition complete. Now moving to Script QC.
12.17.04 @2000: RTM.
@1500: External QC pass complete. RC phase in progress. RTM tonight.
12.16.04 Editing phase complete. Internal QC complete. External QC pass in progress. Expect RTM tomorrow or Saturday.
12.13.04 Translation and programming phases complete. Now moving to editing phase.
12.12.04 Initial project page release.